Hot trend today HOT Proud Father Of A Few Dumbass Kids T-Shirts

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HOT Proud Father Of A Few Dumbass Kids T-Shirts

HOT Proud Father Of A Few Dumbass Kids T-Shirts
HOT Proud Father Of A Few Dumbass Kids T-Shirts

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UnsafeYes, this t-shirt is a must have for proud fathers of dumb kids. Okay, not all children are the brightest stars and some of them will leave the father in question speechless and ashamed. But you know he loves to skateboard with his clueless son!No matter what your dad thinks about a few kids who take away time from video games and other hobbies, this is his day on top!The father t-shirt comes in four different colors: black, white red and green camouflage prints. And the design will only emphasize that daddy’s pack is more than just cute. Indeed it’s tough surviving with the last shipments of strawberries on one’s children while they might still be in diapers!

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HOT Proud Father Of A Few Dumbass Kids T-Shirts
HOT Proud Father Of A Few Dumbass Kids T-Shirts

Joel sweats a put-out fire in his cheap stained colorful T-shirt, excited for the chance to embarrass his daughter on her first day of college. Oh yeah, he has been waiting for this for a long timeWelcome to the series of “hot” T-shirts that have been prepared specially for dads who can’t keep up You will find content pertaining to being a doofus in here. These clothes are not just funny; they are amazing!


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During Thanksgiving, I was back home with my family and I didn’t really have to see anyone deep into the alcohol.My dad said that he had to buy more “Timmy” water . . .The couple up in their 60s-something were glued to Facebook for the entirety of the meal buffet.We were just talking about how much we hated how things were going when she started sobbing.I don’t know what overrode it, maybe “Voice from Heaven” thing or something like that . . . Liking a Facebook post might as well be adding Valium and Zoloft to her current life plan then.Living in a society that only gives lip service to the idea of responsibility, it is unfairly expected by our cultural norms, the Father needs to step up, provide financially for his family, care for his children and always be there for them even if he may not want too.Those who show what a father this generation can be should experience the pride as well.

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Great quality shirts with a sharp design that ranges from different colors to different shirt details, such as long and short sleeves or women’s tee.I recommend you get these great shirts for celebrating the wise decision you made by having your kids. The material and workmanship of each shirt guarantees a quality that is reliable and worth the price.Unsafe


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This shirt can get you 12% discount on the T-shirt. Simply copy Coupon Code: FGFDAD into the Shirts Raised Support Box and voila!Copywriters are skilled at cut-throat advertising messages and descriptions with powerful claims that compel prospective customers to rush in and buy.Yes. You can get a 15% discount on all shirts. Just use HOUPRAID at checkout to receive it.I was stoked to find this truly cringe-worthy pun shirt during my last browsing session at the Hawthorne Outlet Mall. The halloween shirt is just what I needed for my insensitive father and tacky uncle to wear while we pour out half-finished boxed wine and hit bad indie mustaches from the nineties with lasers at our annual pre-Election rave or two their inside out exhumation of their true selves – whichever will come first!

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This t-shirt is not only a funny gift, it also provides a great message. Whether you are the proud father to one- or five kids, the shirt will provide plenty of laughter! If you can’t find the perfect phrase in the template and would like to have such tee shirts customized with your witty messages, please don’t heistate to email us at

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